Monday, August 23, 2010

My culinary adventures

                  Just when I thought this will be an uneventful Onam, Avn asked me about inviting his colleagues home for Onam lunch. Not a bad idea -that relieves some of the "depression" that I was otherwise planning to undergo this time :).

               Long story short - I ended up cooking lunch for 8 people!! OMG!! Never imagined  me doing that... so last few days were all about long phone calls with my mom, taking notes of the recipes and getting all her tips and tricks in the trade.. to tell the truth my mom got shocked when i told her this, she couldn't believe that her daughter would ever dare to do such a thing.. 

                  Anyways now its over.. I think  the lunch was just about ok but still it was a big day for a newbie like me ;) More than the lunch , the time spent with the folks was the best.. This was the first time we were away from our family for Onam but still it was fun.. Had an adventurous time cooking and a great time entertaining our friends. Happy Onam!!