Friday, September 17, 2010

Adventure Unlimited!!

                                          After my last post, life has become real exciting...  It all started the minute my cooking adventure got over and Avn's turn began at work..Which was followed by late nights, long conference calls, long running jobs, some crap in the production, missing data, killing and restarting tasks... phew!! Now the calls and unknown voices have become the last thing that i hear when i go to sleep and the first thing that greet me in the morning.. :)

                   In the middle of all this came the long weekend...The trip to meet a close friend of ours worked out surprisingly well as promised... Though we started a day late.. Driving through the big straight roads,everlasting corn fields with nothing but McD's in between, Farms with barns and horses made the 8 hr long drive interesting (even with the phone calls in the middle ;)) The stay at our friends house was simply awesome.. good company,great food, beautiful weather and their handsome li'l kid to make the trip complete.. I am in love with Wisconsin and have even found a good place to stay - a river bank overlooking a light house if we ever decide to stay in US for the rest of our lives..

                         On reaching home, reality strikes again...with a call just 15 mins after we reach... Then its the turn of our air conditioner to break down.. Felt the real Missouri heat for the 10th time in 2 months.. I  felt that the Indian summer even with the long power cuts is much better than this.... After a week of heat and sweat, i had 2 huge men walking around my apt, looking all confused and working on our a/c... After half day of work finally they fixed it somehow and am now relieved that the a/c works and that the strangers are gone!! I sit down with a book all set to enjoy moment.. a few hours later it became too "cold" ...and guess what...the a/c just would not turn off!! as if to make up for all those days!!... 

Guess more adventure is still in store for us.. :)

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  1. I can understand the feeling of frustration at those horrible midnight calls onsite!!! ;-) Thankfully, I'm having a respite from that for the past couple months now.