Monday, January 10, 2011

Back after a Big Break!! :)

Holiday Season is over in US and so is my big break... here is what i did
  • Travelled to the other end of the world.
  • Took a 3 week vacation to be with my dad on his b'day.
  • Missed meeting my friends because of all the travel.
  • Found that vacations are not the same they used to be once...
  • Decided that cochin is where i'll build my home..
  • Came back to my li'l den and back to my cozy couch.
  • Got my work permit.
  • Went for Thanksgiving shopping at 5AM :)
  • Saw the first snow of the season.
  • Had a scary car ride in the snow storm.
  • Shed some tears over my dead laptop :(
  • Started spending time "wisely".
  • Discovered my favourite band "The Corrs"
  • Watched some good movies.
  • Celebrated X'mas with an amazing group of friends.
  • Had a useful conversation and some gyan from a "Techie" friend of ours..
  • Realized that holidaying with friends is and will always be awesome.
  • Got my new desktop but stil missing my laptop.
  • Missed a tornado by seconds on New year's eve.
  • Celebrated a quiet new year.
New Goals, New Resolutions.. nd now back to blogging.......

Friday, September 17, 2010

Adventure Unlimited!!

                                          After my last post, life has become real exciting...  It all started the minute my cooking adventure got over and Avn's turn began at work..Which was followed by late nights, long conference calls, long running jobs, some crap in the production, missing data, killing and restarting tasks... phew!! Now the calls and unknown voices have become the last thing that i hear when i go to sleep and the first thing that greet me in the morning.. :)

                   In the middle of all this came the long weekend...The trip to meet a close friend of ours worked out surprisingly well as promised... Though we started a day late.. Driving through the big straight roads,everlasting corn fields with nothing but McD's in between, Farms with barns and horses made the 8 hr long drive interesting (even with the phone calls in the middle ;)) The stay at our friends house was simply awesome.. good company,great food, beautiful weather and their handsome li'l kid to make the trip complete.. I am in love with Wisconsin and have even found a good place to stay - a river bank overlooking a light house if we ever decide to stay in US for the rest of our lives..

                         On reaching home, reality strikes again...with a call just 15 mins after we reach... Then its the turn of our air conditioner to break down.. Felt the real Missouri heat for the 10th time in 2 months.. I  felt that the Indian summer even with the long power cuts is much better than this.... After a week of heat and sweat, i had 2 huge men walking around my apt, looking all confused and working on our a/c... After half day of work finally they fixed it somehow and am now relieved that the a/c works and that the strangers are gone!! I sit down with a book all set to enjoy moment.. a few hours later it became too "cold" ...and guess what...the a/c just would not turn off!! as if to make up for all those days!!... 

Guess more adventure is still in store for us.. :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

I still have time to stand and stare...

"A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare."
                                            "Leisure" by William Henry Davies.

                                       I love this poem..It made me think that someday i will also be a part of that mad rush and will end up wasting my life with no sweet memories to think about when am old... But luckily here I am..Happy and blessed to be an exception in the big race... I just love my life, and I am happy being me!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

My culinary adventures

                  Just when I thought this will be an uneventful Onam, Avn asked me about inviting his colleagues home for Onam lunch. Not a bad idea -that relieves some of the "depression" that I was otherwise planning to undergo this time :).

               Long story short - I ended up cooking lunch for 8 people!! OMG!! Never imagined  me doing that... so last few days were all about long phone calls with my mom, taking notes of the recipes and getting all her tips and tricks in the trade.. to tell the truth my mom got shocked when i told her this, she couldn't believe that her daughter would ever dare to do such a thing.. 

                  Anyways now its over.. I think  the lunch was just about ok but still it was a big day for a newbie like me ;) More than the lunch , the time spent with the folks was the best.. This was the first time we were away from our family for Onam but still it was fun.. Had an adventurous time cooking and a great time entertaining our friends. Happy Onam!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Avatar inspired eyes!!

                  Guess what i found today.. i was watching some "behind the scenes" videos of Avatar and accidentally found this video "Avatar Inspired Look by Michelle Phan". Though am not very crazy about cosmetics or make up i still liked her work and was amazed by the big list of  products that she used to get that  perfect look.. It was too much information for me and i think its time i buy at least an eyeliner ;) just kidding!! Loved her "Tiger Eyes" look too.. and even subscribed to her channel!! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


                     It's 8 am in the morning and its still cold, dark and raining...Crawled under my blanket again.. A second later its 9:30 and I am still in bed.. Wish i could get my bed coffee.. And the next second  he asks- "Wanna go out for a cup of coffee??" hmmm.. That's not a bad idea!! Even though my bed coffee meant a 10 mile drive, the drive in the rain was just awesome.... and the hot coffee with fresh chocolate frosted doughnuts was worth the long drive.. :) Can't ask for a better breakfast on a lazy, cold morning..

          The drive back was the best and home looked perfect and warm.. At 11 the rain had stopped.. so what next??? Shopping?? Of course yes!! Shopping is always fun.. spent some time walking around and eventually emptying his pocket ;) Its Lunch Time!! Rain and Hot Chinese food will never go wrong.. yep had a great lunch followed by a little music and a short nap... Had tea at 4 then a bit of work.. Dinner at 8 with a dessert and then a bit of blogging.. Back to bed at 11!! .. 
          Wow!! Now this is what i call a perfect Sunday!! Wish all Sundays were like this :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Me "Blogging"!!

                 Blogging and me?? no way!! I've got other things.. so many friends to chat with,a close friend to hang around and go shopping, a pretty small home to take care of, so many games to try out, movies to watch,books to read..hmm..i was truly enjoying my big break after finishing my schooling :)

              Not anymore.. now, sitting in another corner of the world the only living thing that i ever see and talk to is my husband... rarely do i chat with my friends, and there's nobody to hang around, no exciting games to try out, and home making is now not a big deal.. so what will i do now?? suddenly the big break has become boring and depression starts :( 

              "Start a Blog!!" that was his suggestion.. OK!! "What will i blog about??"... Am not the "BLOG type" :( anyways here I am.. hard at work trying to jump start!! :)

keep watching this space.. c ya