Monday, January 10, 2011

Back after a Big Break!! :)

Holiday Season is over in US and so is my big break... here is what i did
  • Travelled to the other end of the world.
  • Took a 3 week vacation to be with my dad on his b'day.
  • Missed meeting my friends because of all the travel.
  • Found that vacations are not the same they used to be once...
  • Decided that cochin is where i'll build my home..
  • Came back to my li'l den and back to my cozy couch.
  • Got my work permit.
  • Went for Thanksgiving shopping at 5AM :)
  • Saw the first snow of the season.
  • Had a scary car ride in the snow storm.
  • Shed some tears over my dead laptop :(
  • Started spending time "wisely".
  • Discovered my favourite band "The Corrs"
  • Watched some good movies.
  • Celebrated X'mas with an amazing group of friends.
  • Had a useful conversation and some gyan from a "Techie" friend of ours..
  • Realized that holidaying with friends is and will always be awesome.
  • Got my new desktop but stil missing my laptop.
  • Missed a tornado by seconds on New year's eve.
  • Celebrated a quiet new year.
New Goals, New Resolutions.. nd now back to blogging.......


  1. Congratz on your work permit! :)
    Hope you get a job soon!!!

  2. Nice Blog, Susha... I liked the perfect Sunday you described in an earlier post, had me craving for doughnuts too. Oh by the way, its karen... nameet's sister.